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What is this product and how does it work?

What is the PeopleZ Solution?

PeopleZ is an easy to use online portal for turning data into information. Purpose-built solutions for State and Local Government, K12 Education and Higher Educationdeliver information through easy-to-navigate interactive views with graphical display of information.

We already make documents available at our website; is an online portal still necessary?

People have grown accustomed to things moving quickly in this digital age, especially for a generation who is used to instant replies and quick action. PeopleZ provides next generation interactive delivery of information through your website where users can navigate to the information easily.

Does the PeopleZ Solution need to be integrated with our legacy systems?

PeopleZ is a stand-alone application, which does not require any integration with your legacy applications. To implement PeopleZ, all we need is your data in the form of flat files.

What components does PeopleZ include?

PeopleZ comes with an online portal and an administration control view. The online portal is presented through your website and accessible to users 24/7/365. The administration control view provides flexibility for customization of information and details presented in the portal.

How long does it take to implement the PeopleZ Solution?

With the ready-to-use Industry Solutions and Open Data connectors, your online portal can be up and running in weeks. Our pricing model includes the maintenance of the solution for hassle free operation.

We have limited resources and staff; what needs to be done from our side?

PeopleZ Industry Solutions make the implementation process very simple. For implementation you need to Identify the information that needs to be presented; Select the Portal theme, Prepare data extract reports and Review the information displayed in the Portal.

What's the pricing model for the PeopleZ Transparency Solution?

PeopleZ solution is affordably priced on per month basis. Please contact us for more details.

How secure is the PeopleZ Transparency Solution?

PeopleZ keeps your data completely isolated from that of other organizations.